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At Logan Detty Photo and Media our set of skills, and capabilities are always growing; so is our list of clients! We have experience with a large variety of businesses and entrepreneurs who come directly to us for their content. From big business, to small, corporate to startup, we try to offer the most we can to help you get the best shot! Our team is ready to help you meet your goals and help your business grow. below is a small showcase of some of the various clients we have worked with.

Adena Health system's located in nine counties in southern Ohio receives a variety of media types from our company. From headshot photography to event photography live stream videos to department marketing pieces, Logan Detty Photo and media Provide the majority of the systems content.

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Brian Clowdus' productions are top of the line. They are the best magic on stage AND OFF! It was like Vegas in your backyard! We had the privilege of making videos of each production that Brian then used for promoting the show. From gimbal operators, audio technicians, sound design, and drone, we captured the best of the show!

I met Brian Clowdus through Metropolis Design Studios and began working with him at the Tecumseh Arena in Chillicothe, Ohio capturing Brian Clowdus' rendition of Mamma Mia, which was then followed by The Nocculala Experience in Gadsen Alabama, Sleepy Hollow in Sleepy Hollow NY, and The Sound of Music at Wintergreen Resort!

No matter the size of the production, Logan Detty Photo + Media has the skilled team members & experience to execute your vision!

Brian Clowdus Experiences

Every month, we have the opportunity to meet and photograph a local family in Ross County.

Centerpoint is the home church of hundreds in southern Ohio. When they were looking to create an online campus they called us to help design the livestream equipment used for their Sunday morning experience! Check out more of the work we have done for Centerpoint Church below

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Ohio Christian University, located in Circleville, Ohio. Is the very first business client Logan Detty Photo ever had the chance to work with.

From headshots, to sporting events; webinars, to keynote speakers. We offer a vast array of services to assist any marketing department have all the media they need to reach the audience they are trying to reach.

REAl Estate

Selling a house or property? Professional photography and video are essential to selling homes in todays market.
Let us help make your home or property look ready to buy!

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