We Are a REaltors Best Friend

Professional photo and video are amazing tools for anyone looking to sell a house. Not only does professional photography and video help to sell your house quicker, but it can usually lead to a better deal as well. At Logan Detty Photo + Media we are always innovating and finding new ways to make sure our images and videos make your home look like a deal too good to pass up.

REal estate PHotography Pricing

First Five Houses

PHotography - $250

Video -$300

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How to book your session

Step 1: Schedule your free online consultation
After scheduling your consultation we will help walk you though everything!
*Due to Covid-19, all consultations are currently online via Google Meet*
Step 2: Package choice/deposit
At Logan Detty Photo + Media we strive to provide simple payment solutions. We offer online invoicing for mobile payment and payments plans to help you get the package that you really want!
Step 3 : Shoot time!
We will start your session and help you every step of the way! We want your senior photo session to be an experience to remember! Typically we choose a meeting location and jump right into it! Again, don't worry, We will help you with posing and everything!
Step 4: Receive your photos
We want you to receive your photos in the best way that fits you! Some people love prints, others love digitals; however you love your photos, we want to help you get those in your home or on your smartphone FAST! Prints are always optional and ship directly to you, click here to see our print store.
Please note: Parent or guardian must book and be in attendance during your session